Asante Dental Centre uses a high-tech approach to dental treatment for improved precision, better clarity, and positive treatment outcomes.

Our trained dentists in New Westminster, BC, combine their expertise with the use of modern devices like the iTero 5D and to create targeted treatment plans for your needs. These dedicated digital impression scanning equipment are designed to capture clear 3D images of the oral cavity, which can be used as high-precision models for dental labs. The scanned images can also be used for milling same-day restorations right here in our dental office while you wait.

Restorative dental treatments usually take a minimum of two appointments to complete. During the first visit, our dentists will evaluate the tooth and make impressions to get the restorations fabricated from a reliable lab.

In most cases, we will fasten temporary restorations until the dental lab finishes fabricating the permanent one. During the second appointment, we will cement the permanent restoration in place. The use of advanced dental technology cuts down on the waiting times and improves precision levels to a significant extent.

Our supportive and compassionate family-based dental services are supported by the speed and efficiency of modern dentistry equipment. Please feel free to contact Asante Dental Centre for a pleasant patient experience.

How Our Patients Benefit from Digital Scanning

Dental scanners in New Westminster, BC, help save time, and our patients can see the results within a shorter time. They are faster, more accurate, and productive for the patients as well as for our hardworking team of dentists. Thanks to the accuracy levels, we are able to fabricate same-day restorations that can be cemented into place easily and quickly. The precision scanning and milling technology also help fabricate restorations that fit better and appear more aesthetic.

We can scan a specific site or an entire arch and design crowns that require minimal to zero adjustments. The milling machine helps create durable, custom-fitted same-day crowns in just a couple of hours instead of a couple of weeks. Digital scanners contribute to a more comfortable and consistent experience for patients.