Dental Bonding in New Westminster, BC

Are minor flaws spoiling the appearance of your smile? While tooth enamel is very strong for the most part, it can chip, break or crack at times. Our team of experienced dentists near you can fix chipped teeth and complete your smile using veneers, Lumineers®, or bonding material.

How Does Your Tooth Chip?

It doesn’t always take trauma or a blow to the face to chip tooth enamel.

Your tooth can chip on a glass bottle, water fountain, or when biting down on hard foods. It’s even easier to chip your tooth enamel if you suffer from decay, teeth grinding, or thin enamel. Consuming excessively acidic foods and drinks causes erosion of tooth enamel, causing it to chip easily.

Bonding in New Westminster, BC can repair chipped or cracked teeth and restore the beauty of your smile.

Is Tooth Bonding at Asante Dental Centre Right for You?

The bonding material is made of composite resin putty, which can be used to repair a wide range of cosmetic issues. Reliable bonding treatment near you can transform your smile in several ways:

  • It can mask stains and discolorations that cannot be removed with teeth whitening bleach.
  • Bonding can seal gaps in the dental arch, which not only rejuvenates your smile but also prevents food particles from sticking to the gum surface.
  • If you have too small teeth, our skilled dentists in New Westminster, BC use composite resin to extend the length.
  • We can modify the shape of your tooth to mimic the rest of the dental arch.

If you’ve lost a tooth, we may recommend more lasting restorations like implants or bridges to restore your smile. Bonding looks natural and also reinstates the chewing function of the tooth while protecting the health of surrounding teeth.

Steps Involved in a Bonding Procedure

Bonding treatment at Asante Dental Centre is an in-and-out process and doesn’t involve anesthesia. Our highly trained dentists may numb the area if the chip is too close to the tooth nerve. We will roughen the tooth’s surface and carefully mold the putty to the desired size, color, and shape.