Dental Bridges in New Westminster, BC

If you’re considering getting a dislodged tooth replaced, please call our highly trained team of dentists near you for options. Our dental experts at Asante Dental Centre provide an extensive range of preventive, restorative, and cosmetic dental solutions to transform your smile.

Missing Teeth Can Cause Problems

When you lose a tooth due to natural aging, decay, infection, or trauma, it’s not only your smile that suffers. Missing teeth can affect your oral health in several different ways.

  • Your facial and cheek muscles start to sag and make you appear older.
  • The absence of a tooth root causes bone loss and loss of jawbone density.
  • Missing teeth force surrounding teeth to rotate and shift to close the gap; this often results in a change in bite.
  • Even one single missing tooth can affect the quality of your smile.
  • A gapped smile is more prone to trapping food debris, which increases the risks of decay.

Patients can choose from our impressive range of dental restorations, including crowns, implants, partials, full dentures, and bridges in New Westminster, BC.

Bridges Are Durable and Lasting

You can choose from several types of bridges, depending on materials and design. Our dentists in Asante Dental Centre will help you determine the most suitable one for your needs. The most commonly used bridges are the traditional ones that are anchored on two adjacent teeth. They are made up of one or more artificial teeth and rest on two neighboring crowns or implants.

Cantilever bridges are anchored only on one tooth, while Maryland bridges are made up of metal frameworks. Maryland bridges near you are often used as a permanent as well as a transitional prosthesis. Implant-supported bridges are supported by sturdy metal screws implanted into the jawbone. They are less prone to damage and guarantee superior levels of stability and comfort. Implant-supported bridges are not vulnerable to decay as titanium screws replace the tooth roots.

Dental bridges restore your smile, boost your facial structure, correct your bite and prevent teeth from shifting. Please contact our experienced team of dentists in New Westminster, BC for an appointment at your convenience.