Dental Crowns in New Westminster, BC

Residents in and around the area of New Westminster can rely on our friendly dentists’ expertise. Our restorative dentists near you use the latest technology and work hard to complete your smile.

When Does a Patient Require a Dental Crown?

In most cases, for patients receiving dental crowns in New Westminster, BC, we will be able to make your crown and insert it on the same day. Sometimes we may need to bring you back to insert the crown on a second visit. When leftover food morsels are not properly flossed or brushed away, it eventually leads to decay and erosion of enamel over months or even years.

While small fissures in the tooth structure can be sealed with fillings, larger cavities require dental crowns to stop the decay from spreading. Placement of dental crowns near you involves grinding down the tooth and capping the remaining tooth structure with the crown.

Can a Dental Crown Prevent the Need for Root Canal Treatment?

Under certain circumstances, wearing a dental crown can prevent the need for root canal therapy as it protects the exposed tooth from oral plaque. Tooth enamel forms a barrier that prevents oral bacteria from attacking tooth nerves. Patients with large cavities that have not yet penetrated the tooth chamber are good candidates for dental crowns.

However, a dental crown may not be enough, especially if the enamel is cracked or weak near the nerves. Once you book an appointment with our experienced dentists in New Westminster, BC, we will evaluate and x-ray the damaged tooth to determine if a dental crown can help.

Dental Crown Procedure

We know just how much tooth structure to shave down to accommodate the dental crown. On average, we will grind down the tooth by about 2 mm on all sides and taper it slightly so that the crown can fit snugly over the tooth.

If the remaining tooth structure is too little, we may build up the tooth with filling material before placing the crown. Once we take impressions of the tooth, we will fasten an interim crown with temporary cement. The patient should schedule their next visit to Asante Dental Centre once the permanent crown has been received.