Lost teeth can disfigure your smile, interfere with chewing functionality and alter your facial appearance. It can be challenging to determine the most suitable restoration for your missing tooth or teeth.

Only a qualified dentist can evaluate your needs and help you choose the most suitable option. If you’re looking to complete your smile with a simple, straightforward restoration, partials and full dentures may be the ideal choice for you.

Please book a consultation with our expert dentists near you for an oral assessment.

Our practice at Asante Dental Centre offers partial dentures for your comfort, but it’s not the only option available. Patients can also choose from crowns, bridges, implants, and full mouth restorations.

When Do You Need Partials?

Partials can be made from plastic or metal and can be inserted and removed easily. Partials are ideal for replacing one or more missing teeth, especially in different parts of the oral cavity. For example, if you’re missing two teeth in the lower jaw and one in the upper jaw, you can benefit from wearing partials. In general, metal partials tend to be stronger and more durable than plastic ones.

To get evaluated for partials and full dentures in New Westminster, BC, please contact our team of friendly dentists today. Patients should keep partials and dentures clean by brushing them and cleaning them with warm water or specialized solutions. They are easy to care for and maintain.

How Do Full Dentures Work?

At Asante Dental Centre, we only offer partial dentures. However, we will work with our dental partners to have full dentures created for you if you need them.

Full dentures are suitable for patients missing an entire – or nearly an entire – dental arch. If you have one or two teeth still remaining, you may need to have these extracted before you can wear full-set dentures.

Partials and full dentures near you can enhance chewing functionality, improve your appearance and boost your confidence.