Tooth Extractions in New Westminster, BC

At times, our trained dentist near you may need to perform a tooth extraction to restore your oral health. The prospect of getting your tooth extracted makes many people anxious. Thanks to modern dentistry, the good news is that tooth extractions are now virtually pain-free; the procedure is almost as simple as getting a filling.

A timely dental extraction often results in instant pain relief.

Why Do We Need Tooth Extractions?

While we try hard to preserve your teeth, extractions in New Westminster, BC may be unavoidable at times. Once you book an appointment at Asante Dental Centre, our skilled dentists will assess your tooth and take x-rays for an accurate diagnosis. X-rays help reveal other impacted teeth that may be fused to the jaw or abscesses along the gum surface.

You may need an extraction if:

  • Advanced gum disease has resulted in bone loss or weakened teeth
  • The tooth is damaged to a severe extent
  • Untreated tooth decay has progressed and spread
  • You have an overcrowded dentition that needs straightening or braces
  • A wisdom tooth is impacted and causing pain
  • There is an abscess

We have performed hundreds of successful tooth extractions, and our patients report feeling minimal discomfort.

Effective Sedation Techniques

Modern sedation techniques or anesthesia numb the area to help the patient feel relaxed and comfortable during the procedure. Our team of experienced dentists in New Westminster, BC will first apply some numbing gel on the gums. We will then gently inject some oral anesthetic medication to desensitize the gums.

Once the sedation takes effect, we will begin the extraction process by loosening the tooth from the socket with a pair of forceps. For patients with severe conditions, we may administer general anesthesia while we perform the extraction. Extractions near you may be simple or surgical, depending on the location of the tooth. For example, our dentists extract impacted wisdom teeth by making an incision in the gums and breaking the tooth into pieces to avoid damaging the bone.

Once you get an extraction at Asante Dental Centre, it usually takes a couple of days for the soreness to disappear.