Do you find yourself deliberately hiding or shielding your smile? Chips, stains, and minor cracks can make us feel embarrassed. Dental veneers are aesthetic-looking, ultra-thin restorations that can make a dramatic difference to your appearance. Our experienced team of dentists offers different veneers, including standard, porcelain, and Cerinate Lumineers®.

How Veneers Help Restore Your Smile

Veneers in New Westminster, BC have a number of versatile uses and can be used to fix several cosmetic flaws. Here’s a closer look at the benefits of wearing veneers:

They Correct Small Chips and Cracks – Even minor cosmetic issues can show up when we talk or smile. Our skilled dentists at Asante Dental Centre place veneers to mask minor chips in the front teeth. If the tooth is severely damaged, cracked, or broken, it may need a crown.

Veneers Require Minimal Removal of Enamel – Unlike bridges or crowns that cover a larger portion of your tooth, veneers cover only the front surface. This is why we only need to file down a thin layer of enamel. Most of the time, patients do not require local anesthesia unless the crack is close to the tooth nerve.

Quick and Non-Invasive Procedure – Veneers are ideal for patients looking to upgrade their appearance with a simple and straightforward procedure. Composite resin veneers can be fastened in a single appointment, while porcelain Cerinate Lumineers® requires two visits.

If you’re considering getting superficial problems corrected, please contact our friendly dentists at Asante Dental Centre for personalized veneers near you.

Caring for Dental Veneers

With regular and thorough care, veneers can last for a decade without chipping or staining. Porcelain and Lumineers® offer excellent aesthetics and durability compared to resin ones. However, composite resin veneers can be easily repaired by our trained dentists here in our dental office. If the porcelain veneers are damaged, they may need to be replaced.

Chewing on hard foods may cause chipping, and heavy consumption of wine, tea, and coffee can stain the veneers. Our dentists in New Westminster, BC will evaluate your teeth and take x-rays, if needed, to determine a way to restore any broken, misshapen or stained teeth.